Exploring the prices for dental implants

Losing a tooth will affect you both emotionally and financially. If you consider a dental implant, it is extremely necessary that you understand the process you need to undergo, as well as its financial aspect.

The benefits

In recent times, dental implants have come to become a very reliable and effective tooth replacement. Dentists have perfected it in such a way that no much difference can be seen between a real tooth and an implant. Perfect jobs like these guarantee the best quality of life, and hence the main concern is how much it will cost. If you conduct a study on the internet, you will come across numerous rates and prices for dental implants.

The costs

Many dental clinics fail to show the break-down of the charges, and what factors influence them. Replacing a single tooth with an implant can have a cost up to $1,000 to $3,000. Even then there are ways of attaining affordable dental implants and low cost treatments.

The total dental implants price usually includes the charges for the procedure in placing them, and also the materials used for the implants. The only major factor that can hike up the cost for a patient is the number of teeth that need to be replaced.Full mouth dental implants, as well as a few teeth can be replaced.

Before the implants are placed, the dentist usually examines your oral health. The thickness and height of your jawbone is also measured. For proper and correct placement of the implants, the patient needs to have a healthy jawbone in order to provide a strong base for the implants. A patient with a weak and brittle jawbone, usually caused by bone degeneration, may need a bone graft surgery. If needed, this additional procedure will definitely increase the cost of the implantation. An outside specialist may be consulted for this.

The process

The entire process has several steps. After the initial consultation, the dentist drills a hole into your jawbone and inserts the implant. Once the gum is healed, an abutment or brace is screwed into the implant. A temporary crown is fixed as well. Occasionally, a healing cap is also attached to help the gum heal properly. Once everything is in place and the gum has healed, the temporary crown is removed and a permanent crown is out in its place.

One main aspect to consider is whether your insurance will cover the cost of implants. It is an additional benefit to consult with your insurance provider for any form of dental insurance. Remember, the insurance company will pay a portion of the total cost only if the dental implants are important for your health. If you still fall short, many dental clinics accept payments from third-party lenders. It is advisable to check the various payment options they provide. If acceptable, payments can be done in installments over a period of time. This will be determined by the lender you work with.

If neither of this works for you, you can always consider benefiting from dental schools which usually provide low cost treatment, and sometimes perhaps free treatment as well.

Get advice

It is, therefore, widely necessary to check and research about local dental implants, as well as the expenses with your oral surgeon. The procedure, assorted parts for the implants, and anesthesia are a definite part of the expenses. A slight mistake that insists on more adjustments and repairs will definitely hike the overall cost. You will need to choose your dentist wisely. Also, further check-ups may be needed to maintain the implants. You need to bear all this in mind while considering dental implants.

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