Can you afford the price of dental implants?

Dental implants are undoubtedly a better tooth replacement option compared to other available ones, such as bridges and dentures. However, you may be worried about being able to afford the price of dental implants. You may find that the cost of getting the implants can be prohibitive, especially if you have to get full mouth dental implants.

Just because one implant can cost up to thousands of dollars, there is no need to shy away from getting it. In fact, there are many ways to get dental implants at a more affordable cost.

Compare prices

It is advisable to visit a couple of dentists in your city or town to find the best rates. Get the dentists to give you quotes, and itemize the prices of consultations, imaging tests, modeling, anaesthesia, surgery, materials like abutment, post and crown, and any other extra procedures you may require, such as bone grafts and sinus lifts. Also, prices for dental implants vary based on the type of implants that the dentists use. So, the type of implant too can have an impact on the overall cost of the procedure.

Our tips

It is prudent to remember that it is not just dentists who can perform dental implant procedures. Periodontists and oral surgeons too can do the procedure. So, spread your net far and wide to get as many quotes as possible. Sometimes, it pays to find a new dental practice, where the dentist is still trying to establish their clientele. Such a practice may charge less compared to an established dental practice. That said, it is necessary to find a good dentist so that you don’t have regrets later on.

The price for dental implants will vary depending on your location. In large cities and town, where the cost of living is high, dentists will charge more for implants than dentists operating in smaller towns and suburban areas. So, if possible, widen your geographical search to find a dentist, who can perform superior quality dental implant procedure without costing you an arm and a leg!

Some people also visit schools of dentistry to take part in a dental implant clinic. In this clinic, freshly graduated dentists try to get hands-on experience in performing dental implant procedures under the supervision of a qualified and experienced dental surgeon or dentists. Many schools offer this service to low-income patients, and hence, you may be placed on a wait list. Also, you will have to visit the school multiple times during working hours. However, if you are short on funds and want to save money getting high-quality local dental implants, this is a route you can take. But, remember, you would need to qualify.

Further advice

In case, you have dental insurance, check the policy terms and conditions carefully. Most dental insurance plans don’t cover dental implants as the procedure is considered a cosmetic one. However, no terms and conditions are etched on stone and insurance providers keep changing them constantly. So, speak to your provider to find out if implants are covered by your policy. Typically, if implants are the only way to restore your oral health, your insurance provider will cover at least a part of it.

You may want to join a dental discount program that offers attractive discounts on implants. Also, getting the work done over time can ensure you get affordable dental implants. Check with your chosen dentist about financing. Many dentists offer it, either through a third-party or on their own. This allows you get the necessary work without feeling the pinch. You will be pay off of cost over time.

Stay positive

You may find that getting dental implants may not be as expensive as you feared. Don’t assume that you will be unable to find affordable dental implants without discussing it first with your dentist and conducting a research of the options you have.

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