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Find someones phone number in under five minutes

One of the things about the online world is that it has made it far easier to find things out about people. You can have someone’s complete personal history in half an hour if you know the right places to look. Does that mean it is possible to find someone’s number in under five minutes? Why yes, it does actually.

Social media

The first place that you should always check should be social media. If you can find someone on social media then you instantly have access to a wide range of personal information. Even if you are not able to find someone’s number via social media it will still give you enough information to then find it elsewhere. The main social media sites you can check on are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are others if you have no luck with the big three.

LinkedIn is always a good place to check, while it is not as widely used as the other three, it does tend to have more contact information available. If someone has a LinkedIn there is a good chance you can find someone’s number. Of course, if they do not have a social media account you may still be able to find information that can help you by searching people who are close to them. If you can find someone who lives with them, then it will be much easier to locate them using search engines.

Search engines

The best thing about search engines is that they have a memory like an elephant. Anything that has been put into a search engine, or that has been posted online, will be remembered. This means that if the person has had their number posted online at any point, then the search engine will know. This could be the easiest way for you to find someone’s number as it could give you an instant result. However, it should not be your first port of call for one main reason.

Search engines allow you to find directories, like electoral rolls. So, if you are armed with the information you found from social media, you should be able to find someone’s number by finding out information about those closest to them. If they live with their parents then a landline to their parent’s house will yield the results you need. Do not be afraid to look outside the box when trying to find someone’s number.