Finding The Right Mattress Online

New Mattress

When browsing online for a new mattress, it can be tempting to simply click that “Lowest Price First” button. Think about it for a second though – do you really want to risk a good night’s sleep just to save a few dollars?

According to countless studies, poor sleep can have a serious effect on your health, prove detrimental to your work and put a strain on relationships. So, choosing the mattress that’s going to deliver for you may be more important than you first thought.

With so many sites selling mattresses online these days, and so much information readily available, there’s no excuse for putting up with an uncomfortable sleep. But, what should you consider?

Does it fit your bed?

When shopping online for a mattress, you’ll soon be inundated with lots of exciting sounding features (cooling materials, lumbar support and edge support, for example), but don’t get carried away. Start with the basics. Measure your bed and make sure you know what mattress size you need. Even a luxury mattress costing $1000’s will be a disaster if it doesn’t fit your bed frame correctly.

Does it fit you?

More than just a matter of making sure your feet aren’t going to get cold hanging out the bottom, consider what type of mattress fits your sleeping style. Do you sleep on your stomach? Then, you’ll want something in the medium to medium-firm range. Anything else will mean your spine curves as the bed dips under your weight, which can cause serious problems.

How can it improve your life?

Although we think the mattress’ job is done once we’re up in the mornings, the health benefits of the right choice can continue through the day. If you suffer from allergies, for example, a natural latex mattress or, thinking out-of-the-box here, a waterbed could literally change your life. A traditional coil mattress can collect feces from dust mites, which has been proven to cause endless irritations and allergies.

How long will it last?

You’ve put all this research in and spent your hard earned bucks so you don’t want to be replacing this mattress in another two years, right? Don’t just pay attention to the online seller’s flashy descriptions and glossy photos. Check out the warranty details in the small print too. You’ll want to know how they’re going to deal with repairs and any problems too.

Whatever specific mattress meets your particular requirements, though, we’re sure you’ll find it online.

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