Get That Job

While this would certainly not be a best-selling video that everyone will run out to buy on DVD, it does have its viable uses. I recently bought this video to include with a gift box being presented to a niece who had just graduated from college. Other than part-time jobs in fast food joints and the like, she had never worked in a “career building” type job in her life. I knew that she would be ill-prepared for th work world and wanted to provide for her a bit of friendly advice on how to land her first job, without sounding like I was “preaching” to her. This video seemed like a great way to do it.

The video is authored by some career consultants and human resource executives who have years of experience with business, industry and government. The purpose of the film is to provide “real world” advice on how to get that elusive first job. Especially in this rough economy, I knew my niece was gonna need every bit of help she could get, and this video certainly provided a good return on my investment.

Basically an instructional video, it is presented in an entertaining sort of way. It includes sections on writing a killer resume and cover letter, and how to put together a “package” to sell yourself to hiring executives in just about any sort of industry. The film also covers interviews and how to frame properly worded answers to even the toughest questions that can be thrown at you. There are also sections dealing with sticky salary issues and how to avoid the most common pitfalls encountered during the interviewing process.

Considering that my niece has just landed her first job, using the techniques provided in this film, I think it is certainly worthwhile viewing.

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