Goal of Yoga

Yoga has a goal; it is to unite different parts of the body to make it whole so it will have effectiveness, integrity, and power. Yoga in particular allows you to control your actions to increase the knowledge of yourself as a conscious human being. The first goal is to achieve an inner stillness, experience deep relaxation and a neutrality which will prevent the outrage of inner elements in your mind and body. As disturbance dies down, you begin to feel an inner clarity and calmness, and this is called consciousness. When you start to act from your consciousness, then you begin to react consciously to the elements of the inner and outer environments and become mindful. You will know the effect of an action before you will take it and thereby, you will gain intuition and be in control of your exact self.

The other goal of yoga is to consciously become aware, in order to make your actions balanced and wholehearted, and to merge your sense of a finite and limited personal self with part of an unlimited consciousness and spirit. If you will cast away your fear, feel an inner divinity, increase dignity, and calm the mind, then you can start to live as a full human being.

Yoga is all about discipline; it will alter and cultivate consciousness that can be practised by any religion. Practising Yoga will lead to your heightened awareness of spiritually and it will add a sense of spiritual presence. It will also provide an inner clarity to analyse life’s meaning and your place in the larger picture of life.

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