Groom’s Wedding Cakes

One wedding cake trend that many people do not know about is the groom’s wedding cake. It is a tradition that has its origins in the Southern states of the US; and is now becoming popular in other countries throughout the world. Here is a little information about this wedding cake trend.

A groom’s wedding cake is thought to be a gift from the bride to the groom. Although there seems to be some confusion as to whom the groom’s cake is actually served to. A lot of people feel that it is supposed to be given to the bridesmaids by the groom; others feel that it is to be served to the groomsmen; while some think that it is best when served to everyone at the rehearsal dinner. 

The main difference between the wedding cake and the groom’s cake is colour. A wedding cake is traditionally white. In contrast, the groom’s cake is usually a darker colour, and maybe designed to represent the groom’s hobbies. As traditions are changing, there are many people who choose groom’s cakes and wedding cakes of different colours; the groom’s cake may complement the wedding cake, or it may not. 

This is a trend that many people do not feel too positively about. Although the idea of the groom serving a cake seems like a good idea, many couples view it as just another expense, and not a particularly important part of the wedding organisation.

Legend has it that if a female wedding guest places a slice of groom’s cake under her pillow, she will dream of the man she will marry.

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