GSCE’s – The Low Down

From the day you walk into your year 9 classroom, GCSEs will start to become important, and you will hear more and more about them from all your subject tutors. Over the course of your school life you will have been introduced to the core GCSE subjects and as many of the options as the school can possibly offer to let you experience what could be to come.

GCSE courses are the basis of the compulsory education system, and the government has given a core group of subjects which all students must take, including Mathematics, English, Science, Physical Education and Citizenship. Once these have been added to the timetable you can then make certain choices to fill up the rest of your time. These choices give you the chance to develop areas you find interesting, and leave behind those you do not enjoy. So choose wisely. Some schools have a week before the choices are made, and subjects that you have not been taught before will be offered as short lessons during the week to give you a taster.

Once the week is over you will be asked to think about your choices, and discuss your options with your parents. Then you must complete the forms from the school. You will then have a period to wait where the school sees if they can possibly accommodate all students onto all the courses of their choice. Sadly in some cases you may be asked to change one subject if your first option doesn’t fit into your timetable.

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