How can you get printable math worksheets for your class?

The age of the math workbook might finally be on the way out. Sure, not everyone is working with tablets and touchscreens yet, but it’s getting more and more economical to print out individual exercises for children to complete when requested of them. But how easy is it to get access to the right sheets? How can you get printable math worksheets for your class, as well as the right answer guides?

Look for online resources

The internet is, of course, your friend. There’s no longer a need for you to spend school funds on hefty books or volumes of problems. Printable resources are easy to find and are widely available online.

In some cases, you may have to pay a small subscription fee to get access to the best resources. However, you’ll likely find plenty of great puzzle repositories for free. Knowledge, after all, should be free for everyone!

You’re going to need to search for math problems and puzzles that are appropriate for your class and their level of understanding. For example, it’s unlikely that you’re going to want to print out algebra worksheets for grade-two pupils. Luckily, plenty of online resources are organized in such a way that you can find appropriate puzzles for little brains.

That’s not to say that you won’t have a math genius or two in your class. However, it’s best to try to play to the crowd wherever possible!

Which online resources should I use?

If you’re new to your faculty, your fellow teachers and staff may be able to help you. You should also be able to find plenty of help and support from online teaching communities – for example, those based on Facebook or Twitter. Teachers and tutors help each other – after all, they often need all the help they can get!

However, there are some big-name sites that regularly produce great material. You can download printable math worksheets for your class from websites such as Technology, which lists puzzles and sheets by grade and expected level of competence. You can also use simple resources such as HelpingWithMath, which offers up free worksheets for you to print for all occasions.

Why should I print math worksheets?

It’s tempting to stick to the old math workbooks that we all know and – well, not always love. However, in a world where we are growing more conscious of our carbon footprint, as well as the overhead cost of buying workbooks, it’s become more cost-effective, and more beneficial for our children, to find individual worksheets to print off.

What’s more, you won’t have to go to the incredible effort of writing puzzles and problems yourself. You might think that this is a fun alternative, but let’s face it – teachers already have enough to do from day to day, weekends included. Why don’t you take some time out and fill out your homework schedule with printable math worksheets readily available for you to download online?

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