How to Breastfeed Successfully

Breastfeeding is the best form of nutrition that a mother can give to her infant. It offers benefits to the mother and to the baby in many different ways. However, the task of doing it is not easy, especially for first time mothers. Some experience difficulty in positioning, and the uneasiness makes the baby burp.

Learning the skill of breastfeeding will lessen the burden. The mother can learn to breastfeed by producing a plan, familiarising some the basic methods, finding out how to deal with minor physical troubles, and also asking for help when necessary.

Planning ahead for breastfeeding while still pregnant is a good start for mothers. It gives them the opportunity to think about the daily logistics of breastfeeding before becoming busy with caring for the newborn. Asking for help from a doctor or a paediatrician will be of great help.

Learning the basic breastfeeding techniques is important. One should know the common feeding positions such as the cradle hold, the rugby hold, the cross-cradle hold, the Australian hold, and the side-lying way to avoid the pain and strain breastfeeding may cause. Using different positions and alternating breasts for each feeding will ensure that areas of the breast are emptied. Using different positions will also prevent sore nipples. Also, one should breastfeed the baby on demand instead of keeping to a strict schedule.

With enough preparation and support, one will learn the skills to successfully breastfeed and will surpass the challenges it poses. The benefits that it provides to the health of the child and the bond and closeness it strengthens are enough reasons to compensate for the effort.

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