How to Handle Being a Working Mum

The United States Census reports that about 51 percent of first-time mothers go back to work within four months of giving birth. A mother returns to work out of necessity, by choice, or both. Whatever the reason, being a working mum is considered one of the greatest balancing acts. Being a working mum may be a rewarding experience, if it is handled with care.

A working mum’s schedule must be manageable. It must not let guilt be a motivator in preparing for the week. Scheduling in relaxation and rest periods can give working mothers a chance to relieve some built-up stress.

Call your family and close friends to be your support group. You can make friends with other working mothers who can share some advice on how to manage being a working mum.

A working mum must have a strong belief in a higher power and have faith. Believing in a higher power has a calming effect on people. Numerous studies have found a connection between health and faith. As a working mum, it can be helpful to your health to regularly attend church with your family. If you are not a spiritual working mum, you can still collect strength from nature. A simple admiration of nature can help relieve some of the stress a working mum feels.

Being a working mum is not easy. But with a positive attitude and careful planning, you can find ways to balance family and work.

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