Is it ok for a stag group to split,

If your stag party is abroad then the chances are that some members of the group may want to see different places and do different things. That being the case, there are two ways to approach this scenario and both have advantages and disadvantages to them.

If it has been decided that the group will stick together then this does mean that the group does everything together, which is like the traditional idea of a stag party. It can cause a little ill feeling and conflict, however, should some of the group want to visit an art gallery rather than a strip club.

The other factor to consider is whether the group should have pre-arranged activities. If so, then the choices of the group to do their own thing until the evening time, is made for them. This is less likely to create ill feeling though as everyone will know the situation before going on the stag party.

If the stag party has been arranged so that people can go and do their own thing and meet up later this is fine with people splintering off and grouping together later on. This can make the night fragmented and lead to problems, if not managed well and the group doesn’t come together throughout the stag party in the right places.

Perhaps the best way is to compromise and have one day where everyone does their own thing and on another day have an organised activity. That way, the group stays together and everyone has an opportunity to do what they want to do also.

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