Is It Safe to Use Password Management Software?

Do you still use your birth date or name initials as your worldwide password? Then you’re at risk of getting hacked. Cybersecurity has become a top priority in today’s business world. Data breaches have become rampant, and organizations are working tirelessly to find a viable solution to this menace. A frequently-changed, secure, and strong password is a great defense. However, making changes too often or intricate keystroke combinations might be challenging to remember. But with password management software, you can have a strong and secure universal password.

Password managers are safe to use because:

You Gain Fast Access

One of the greatest advantages of password management software is its ease of use. Once the user enters the password and username, the vault automatically captures the information. This is in the case of password managers like Zoho Vault which saves your data as a secret. It allows you as well as the company’s team to spend less time groping with login screens. There is no time wastage on password recovery. Therefore, the team will manage to spend quality time doing what matters most for the organization.

Offers More Than Passwords

Most of the password management software enables the user to manage and store passwords and logins. Some of the manager apps provide secure access to confidential information like credit card while allows multifactor authorization. Some of the apps may also use questionnaires to verify the correct password which is easy and effective. When the multifactor authorization is simple and easy to use, then users are likely to participate.

Use of Stronger Passwords

One of the handy features of password management apps is the ability to create random and unique passwords where you can use the combination of numbers, symbols, lowercase and uppercase letters. Your team can also use different passwords for different access points. In this case, if there is any data breach, only one account or a few will get compromised. The stronger password boosts security across the board.


Most of the data security apps and software tend to be expensive where most of the small businesses might not afford it. However, it’s a different case with password management apps that offer top-notch cybersecurity at an affordable price. It means almost everyone and SMSs can incorporate the use of trendy recommendations for strong passwords that include using symbols, capitalization, long phrases, and punctuation.


Although password management software eases the user’s burden, they might pose a risk. Take, for example, if the hacker uses a keystroke-logger plug-in on a PC, it might record the master password. Hence, giving the hacker access to the password vault and it can compromise all the accounts on the site.

In Conclusion

But all things considered, implementing a password management software outweigh the risks. The apps use heavy encryption, giving attackers a hard time to steal data. With encryption like AES, it’s almost impossible for data breaches to occur. Besides, ensure you change the password every 60 to about 90 days. More so, make sure the software you choose supports operating systems in the company and allows you to store hundreds of logins.

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