Is termite exterminator treatment very expensive?

Termites are an essential component of the ecosystem, and not just because they break down fallen and decaying trees. However, termites are also a significant threat to the average home. They don’t call it a termite infestation for no reason. Once termites move in, they are going to keep reproducing until your home has been overrun. So, you can’t afford to observe and then simply ignore your termite problem. It will get worse with the passing of time.

How much does it cost?

This is the question that causes doubt in the minds of many homeowners that discover termites on their property. They know they need to tackle the problem, but they don’t know if they have the financial muscle to hire an exterminator. In truth, termite treatment costs vary widely depending on a number of factors, for instance:

Type of treatment

Your exterminator isn’t going to tackle every termite infestation the exact same way. They have to take variables such as the location and the severity of the problem into account.

If your entire home has been infested, then fumigation is often the way to go. This involves surrounding the property in an enclosure and filling it with deadly gas. The property is then left to stand for some hours, if not days while the gas does its work.

It can cost as little as $10 for each linear foot which typically boils down to roughly $1,200 for a normal home. That figure can reach $2,500.

If you have an infestation but the termites are still restricted to the exterior of your home, then your exterminator will deploy chemical treatments. Simply put, they will pour poisonous fluids into the holes, trenches and any other sites the termites might inhabit.

Costs range between $3 and $16 per linear foot.

Heat treatments are sometimes used as an organic alternative to fumigation. You still need to close the home or room off in a tent and it will take hours for the treatment to do its work. But you are still spending roughly $10 for each linear foot.

Type of Termite

People in coastal and southern areas are normally plagued by drywood termites that attack any dry wood. Removing them involves drilling holes into the wood and applying gel or foam of some kind.

Depending on the scope of the treatment required, you could spend as little as $218 or as much as $2500, especially if your home has to be tented.

The costs are the same for Dampwood termites, though one must also account for the moisture control measures that have to be taken afterwards to prevent further infestation.

Subterranean termites are normally fought with chemicals that are inserted into the moist environments they inhabit, such as basements. Treatment costs in such scenarios can range between $200 and $900.

3) Prevention

You don’t have to wait for termites to assault your home to act. You can take steps ahead of time that might prevent termites from manifesting in the future.

A termite bond can cost anywhere between $500 and $1,500, possibly even $2000. The fee empowers a professional to visit your home on a regular basis to carry out inspections and treatments that involve the application of termite repellents.

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