Keeping Fish: Maintaining an Aquarium

There are several common pitfalls a person can avoid when he decides to start his first aquarium. He must recognise both the knowledge and amount of work required in maintaining a home aquarium. It is not just a simple decoration inside the house — it is a living ecosystem with plants and animals.

One of the most mistaken beliefs is that feeding the fish must be done as often as the owners eat. This could be potentially dangerous to both the fish in the tank and the water quality. Feeding the fishes more than once a day is too much. Some biologists actually suggest that a fish must be fed once every two to three days only. Water is an essential ingredient in an aquarium and overfeeding the fish will only cloud the water and cause them to produce more faeces.

Also, turn off the aquarium light when nobody is viewing the tank, because too much light makes the algae grow more. Algae growth can thus cover the gravel and walls of the tank. It is difficult to get rid of the algae once it sticks on the aquarium. In addition, the fish seem to be contented with or without the light on.

Never empty the whole tank when cleaning. It is necessary to change only 25% of the water in most cases. Vacuum the dirty water from the bottom floor of the tank using an aquarium siphon. This tool is very helpful, especially in getting the dirtiest water from the aquarium. However, also be careful while cleaning this way, so as to avoid sucking up some of the fish.

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