Kerry Katona Tells All About Drug-Fuelled Marriage

Kerry Katona has kicked both drugs and husband Mark Croft out of her life. She told News of the World in a recent interview, “I hated my life. I’d lie in bed for three days in a row doing cocaine with Mark.” Katona explained away her drug-induced behaviour by blaming it on her bipolar disorder and the medication she was taking to control it. She would only admit to having taken cocaine in 2004, after the devastating split from her first husband, former Westlife singer Brian McFadden. When the News of the World printed photos of her doing exactly what she describes above, her lucrative advertising contract with Iceland was cancelled and the public lost all sympathy for her; she hit rock bottom.

Eleven months on she has decided to come clean about her past and now admits to doing drugs several times a week, alone and with Croft. However, she said she never took them while pregnant with either of her children. In her interview with the News of the World, Katona said she has left Croft and has been drug-free for the past three months. She has a new manager, Claire Powell, who insists on weekly drugs tests to ensure she isn’t using. Katona also took part in a two-week boot camp, which resulted in her dropping from a size 14 to a size 8. As photos of her looking healthy and happy have begun to appear online, Katona has found that her public support has returned.

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