Kids’ Views on Why Love Occurs Between Two People

Why do people fall in love, Children have different and unique answers to this simple question most of which are so amusing that adults cannot help but laugh at their answers. Here are some of their most hilarious answers on why love happens between two individuals.

Young children simply say that no one really knows the reason why people feel love. However, they think that maybe it is caused by the type of perfume they wear. Namely, love is a scene where a woman puts cologne on her neck or body, while a man also puts on a body perfume, and during their date, they just smell each other. You can also tell that your sister is in love when she buys different perfumes almost every other day, they say. Kids also said that this is the reason why there is an increasing demand for perfumes, cologne and deodorants in the market today.

Children also think that love happens between two people when they are both hit by an arrow or something that is pointed right at their heart and causes it to bleed. That is why love is very painful sometimes. Kids added that the heart should be cured right away.

Also, according to kids, love happens when a man gets some freckles on his face and goes out to find a woman who has freckles too, and they fall in love.

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