Kitchen Design 101: Granite Worktops

granite worktops

Many people think that granite worktops are really expensive and the truth is they are. This is due to the attractiveness they bring to the kitchen or bathroom and because of the nature of the material. Granite is great to use in kitchens and bathrooms, because of the hardness of the stone, when compared to wood or tiles and the fact that they are very durable and quite easy to maintain. Granite is waterproof, stain resistant and less likely to be scratched. Nonetheless, its weakness comes when exposed to heat, so be careful not to place hot pans on top of it. What granite worktops offer for the price is a more sophisticated and elegant look in your kitchen and bathroom.

However, do you know that most of the cost of these worktops goes into cutting the granite to the size and shape you need for your kitchen, Today, you can find less expensive granite worktops, but they are pre-cut to standard sizes. Another option is to buy worktops that you cut to size and install in the kitchen yourself. However, this will involve you in having to rent suitable granite cutting equipment from a specialist tool hire company. Remember to ask for manufacturer’s instructions on the tools you will be using. If you do not wish to do this yourself, you can always hire a professional to do the job for you.

You can choose from a wide variety of textures and colours that will match the design of your home. Granite worktops are very versatile and can be located anywhere in your kitchen, on islands, bars or as additional decoration to the room. They can also be used in the bathroom as vanity tops, tabletops, in showers and as floor and wall tiles.

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