Knitting: Knitting Patterns (Garter Stitch Scarf Knitting Pattern)

Garter Stitch Scarf Knitting Pattern is one of the knitting patterns that is most recommended for beginners. It is an easy pattern that a beginner can follow and learn to make all-purpose scarves that are great for gifts and use during the winter. Beginners will only take a couple of hours to make the scarf, and only need a few materials to make it. Garter Stitch Scarf Knitting Pattern does not require intricate knitting procedures. It just needs some simple ones like casting on, knit stitching, and binding off.

To start with the Garter Stitch Scarf Knitting Pattern, the materials needed are one 100-yard skein of super-bulky yarn and several size 13 straight needles. Beginners must bear in mind that the materials must be prepared first to avoid any interruptions during the knitting process. They must also consider the lighting conditions, as well as the ambience of the place to avoid any interruptions that might disturb concentration.

The Garter Stitch Scarf Knitting Pattern is not complicated. Start by casting on 12 stitches as the base of the scarf, and then the rows are knitted until one almost reaches the end of the yarn. After it is knitted, the ends are then secured through binding them off. Lastly, to be able to weave its ends at the top and bottom, a crochet hook is used. A scarf five inches wide and 60 inches long can be made out of the 100-yard yarn.

Garter Stitch Scarf Knitting Pattern has simple steps to follow but there are beautiful results.

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