Kris Marshall Goes on Drunken Rant Against Ricky Gervais

It’s not a good idea to drunkenly follow strangers back to their hostel rooms and, it’s never a good idea to do so if you are a celebrity and the stranger has a phone that takes video. Kris Marshall learned this lesson the hard way when he mouthed off about fellow actor Ricky Gervais to a new camera-wielding friend. British tourist Rob Cross had spotted the drunken Marshall out on the town in California. He told News of the World, “It was only 10pm but Kris was off his face. He was so drunk that the bouncer wouldn’t let him back in. One of the girls spotted him and went up to chat. He was obviously very drunk. He had a script in his hand and had been trying to learn it. I’m not sure how he ended up in our hostel, but we found him wandering in the corridor asking for my friend. He seemed a bit lonely. He had been trying to chat up the bar girl and when that didn’t work he tried to chat up my mate instead. He was just like any drunk, slurring his words. I took five minutes footage of him slagging off Gervais and chatting up my friend.”

In his profanity-laden tirade Marshall calls Gervais talentless, while slurring his words and swaying on the hostel bed. The “My Family” star has moved his acting career to California, and recently appeared in an episode of “Human Target.”

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