Let’s Scare Jessica to Death

Although this is a decent thriller from the early 1970s, it has some plot holes. The premise is very good: Jessica (Zohra Lambert) has been released from a mental institution. She and her husband Duncan (Garton Heyman) travel to a new home with their friend Woody (Kevin O’Connor). There, they meet Emily (Mariclare Costello), a strange woman living in the house. Over the course of several days, they become friends, and Woody falls for her.

Jessica hears voices in the night, and sees a strange blonde girl in the woods. Are they real, or is she slipping into madness again, Over time, Duncan begins to fall for Emily, and Jessica notices that the men of the town are hostile towards her, and all bear wounds. When Duncan suggests Jessica return to the city to see a doctor, she flies into a rage and throws him out of the bedroom. Emily easily seduces him. Later, she appears to try and drown Jessica in the lake, and seems to be a vampire (yet she can be out in the daylight).

Jessica, confused and scared, tries to get help from town, but none of the men will help. Duncan takes her home, and she sees a wound on his neck. When she sees Emily wielding a knife and drawing the men from town towards the house, she runs and knocks over Duncan’s cello case; the body of a little girl falls out.

Terrified, she runs and paddles off in a small boat. Sitting out in the lake, she sees Emily and the men on the shore, and she’s unsure as to what’s really happening. Although the movie is scary, many questions are left unanswered. Who was the child in the cello case, Why were the men so hostile toward Jessica,

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