Lindsay Lohan Not Pleased with Dad’s Engagement

Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael, has announced his engagement to Kate Major. Major, a former reporter, was previously linked to Jon Gosselin and is just about half his age, at 27 years old. When asked by how she felt about his big news, Lindsay said, “I’m gonna vomit! I so didn’t need that info … Yuck!”

The two plan to wed in New York at the end of the year and Major told People magazine that she’d already talked to her bridesmaids. She brought Lohan home to meet her parents over the Easter weekend, to get their approval. “I’m very traditional, so I wanted him to talk to my father,” Major said, “Michael went down with me to Florida for Easter, to meet my father to ask for his permission and my father gave his blessing.”

The couple have known each other for four years and neither has a concern about the differences in their ages. “It’s never been an issue,” said Major. “I’m ecstatic,” stated Lohan, “I’ve never met anyone who’s been there for me like Kate. She’s always been there for me. The one thing about Kate is that she doesn’t come with baggage.”

Speaking of baggage, the two Lohans have been engaging in a very public spat of late. Lindsay tweeted about her father’s poor parenting, while he publicly suggested that she needed to return to rehab. It’s a safe bet that Lindsay wasn’t one of the bridesmaids Major called with the news.

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