Moving away from Home vs. Living with Parents and studying close by

So you have decided what course to study at university; the next question is should you choose a university far away from home and move out of mum and dad’s, or should you stay and choose a university locally.

There are of course benefits to both. However, there are also disadvantages to both too. If you decide to move away you will find that the costs of living soon mount up. A room in university halls of residence can be anything up to £90.00 per week in rent. Of course on top of this you also need to add the cost of food. The benefits however are obvious – more freedom to do what you like, a more “traditional” student experience, and being amongst your new friends every day are but a few.

Staying at home also has its clear benefits, particularly in relation to costs. Your parents are likely to charge you much less than if you go away from home. Your savings will soon add up, and you will notice that your financial situation is far better than that of your friends who are staying in halls.

Although both of the options have benefits, it ultimately comes down to the individual. Some argue that if you do not move out of your parent’s, you are not experiencing the student life as it should be experienced. However, you need to balance your needs in this area with your financial situation.

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