Student Housing – Halls of Residence

If you have chosen to move away from home to study you will need to arrange somewhere to live.

The most popular option for first-time students is to move in to university Halls of Residence. These are housing developments made up of a number of flats. Within each flat are usually 8-10 separate bedrooms, as well as a communal area made up of a lounge and kitchen.

The benefit of staying in Halls is that you will meet people who are also new to university, and the buildings are secure. There is usually a member of staff on hand 24 hours a day should any problems arise, and the entry to the Halls is through locked security doors.

Rent for accommodation in Halls varies depending upon the university and the size of the room. The average cost is between £60.00 and £120.00 per week for a room. However, the actual cost will depend on whether or not your room has its own bathroom and which university you are attending. The rent usually includes the cost of bills. However, you should check that you are covered for a TV license as this may be payable separately. Some Halls also include meals, but you can expect your weekly rent to be significantly higher should you choose to take this option. However, it may be that this works out cheaper than buying your own food.

To find out what type of Halls of Residence your university has contact their accommodation department or check their prospectus.

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