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Nicole Kidman Hairstyles

Hollywood Celebrities go by the best and the latest fashion trends when it comes to hairstyles. Most people are really influenced by celebrities with respect to fashion, and sometimes they desire to look like the celebrities themselves.

An Australian actress and an Academy Award winner, Nicole Mary Kidman, was one of the celebrity beauties admired for her gorgeous hairstyles. She was born on June 20, 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, and became very popular for playing the role of Dr. Claire Lewicki in the 1990s series, “Days of Thunder”.

One of her latest hairstyles was seen when she had a premiere for her movie “Margot at the Wedding” in New York. Her hair was pulled very tightly to the back and pinned up for the finishing touch. She preferred that hairstyle because it fit her oblong-shaped face. Another of Nicole’s hairstyles is the so-called loose hairstyle that she had at her “God Grew Tired of Us” movie premiere, in Los Angeles. Her hair was cut level to her shoulder, and had a spiral at the bottom that accentuated her beauty. This kind of hairstyle suits any face shape. The other two hairstyles that have been seen on Nicole are the “Long Hair with Soft Bun” hairstyle and the “Side Swept Ponytail” hairstyle. In the “Long Hair with Soft Bun” hairstyle, her long hair is pulled to the back and turned into a little bun that gives her an elegant look. By contrast, her “Side Swept Ponytail” hairstyle is simply a ponytail in back whose end is pulled to the front. Though a simple hairstyle, it truly suits Nicole’s oval-shaped face.