Parenting Tips on How to Breastfeed Twins

Giving birth to a baby brings a lot of warmth and happiness to a family. The happiness is usually doubled when the mother gives birth to twins or multiple babies. However, the idea of breastfeeding twins might seem intimidating to the mother, which can result in her becoming a bit edgy, especially when she attempts it for the first time.

It is not always easy to breastfeed twins, but there are several ways on how to handle the difficulties of being a mother of two. Breastfeeding twins is usually smoother if the mother schedules a feeding time and breastfeeds both the babies together. One way to do this is by applying the ‘football hold’ position wherein both babies are positioned on each side of the mother to feed them. Such practice will save time; however, the mother would have to address the individual breastfeeding demands of each twin as they grow. Using a nursing pump is also a good idea as it accelerates the mother’s milk production and she can also store the milk in feeding bottles for subsequent uses if she has to leave the house and someone else can take over a feeding. It is also important that the mother should breastfeed with a relaxed mind and enjoy the activity. Any help from family members and husband will also lighten the task of the mother.

Breastfeeding is very important for babies, as nothing can take the place of the benefits that a mother’s milk gives. The knowledge that breast milk is the best food for a child should be instilled in the mind of the mother because every baby deserves the best.

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