Permanent mold removal: stop the stain from coming back

The worst thing about mold is that once you have got rid of it, there is always a chance that it can come back. The spores from mold can easily get airborne just from a touch. Once this happens all it will take is the right conditions and the mold will be back. In addition to this, if you leave even a tiny speck, then it might be back. Mold removal is a tricky business. So, what is the best way to keep that mold away for good?

Be meticulous from the start

Before you begin to carry out the process of mold removal it is important to make sure that the number of mold spores that are exposed to the air is limited. The easiest way to do this is to spray water on the affected area with a garden spray bottle or something similar. This will trap the mold spores in place and make it a lot easier to clean them without helping the mold to spread. Once this is done you can begin the mold removal.

Use a mold removal bleach on the infected area. Clean it by using a soft bristled brush to work it into the infected area. A hard bristle brush is far too abrasive to use on an interior wall and could cause additional damage. Once the mold is removed the area needs to be left to air dry. Dry out the whole room and if any signs of mold can be seen then carry out the whole mold removal process again until no signs are left.

Sealing to stop returns

Once you have cleaned the area and there are no signs of mold left you can carry out the next step. Use a paint that contains an anti-mold ingredient to paint the infected area. This will ensure that if the area gets damp in the future then the mold will be unable to grow there. This is a vital aspect of making sure that the mold does not return.

Another additional measure you can put in place to make sure that mold removal is never needed again is to seal the area. By sealing it so that moisture cannot get in, mold does not get access to the conditions that it needs to thrive. The anti-mold paint and sealing of the area will ensure your walls remain mold free in the future.

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