Resits/Extenuating Circumstances

If you are studying for an exam or an essay and you feel that you are unable to complete the work due to outside influences you may be able to apply for extenuating circumstances.

Extenuating circumstances can be applied for by any student who is having difficulty completing their work. Every student’s situation is treated individually and your overall course mark will not be affected by applying. It is important to remember however that you can only apply for the scheme before the due date of your work, not afterwards. You can apply through your faculty, and the outcome will be determined by senior members of staff.
If extenuating circumstances are accepted it will arranged that you retake the work. When you do so, your marks will not be capped and you will be able to attain the full grade.

If you fail an exam or other piece of work you will have the opportunity to resit. However, your mark will be capped at 40, which amounts to the equivalent of a “3rd”. If you are required to resit an exam you will usually have two more chances to attain the minimum grade. Remember that often the university will expect you to follow up the possibility of a re-sit, and they will not do the running around for you. If you fail a piece of work contact your faculty immediately to find out the process of resitting. If you fail again it is likely that you will fail that unit of work.

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