How to get senior discounts on age 55+ cruise deals

Being elderly comes with some awesome perks and ‘experience’ is just one of many. I know that getting old isn’t the best part of life, but you just cannot ignore all those benefits you are entitled to with increasing age. It does not matter whether you are traveling alone, with your partner or with your family; you are surely qualified for all those great discounts and compensations in your traveling expenses because you are a ‘Senior Citizen’. All the ‘senior citizen discounts’ for cruise travel are now yours to take advantage of. The benefit of using senior citizen discounts is that if you are traveling with a senior citizen who is eligible for the discount, that also makes you eligible. There are many cruise companies that offer a Senior Citizen Discount, including; Celebrity Cruise, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise, Azamara Cruises services, Norwegian Cruise line, et al.

You just have to know where and when to look.

1) Royal Caribbean International

Unlike other cruise services, Royal Caribbean International does not give senior citizen discounts on all sailings. As stated in its terms and conditions, Royal Caribbean does offer a senior discount for selected sailing and it considers people above the age of 55 eligible for the discounts like any other cruise companies. It also offers a special discount range for senior citizens, which helps them to save around $4000 for the next cruise sailing. Azamara Cruise services are a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean which offers lavish and luxurious cruise travel for your holidays and it also offers senior citizen discounts.

2) Carnival Cruise

Carnival Cruise also considers passengers eligible for Senior Citizen Discounts who are aged over 55 years. It is very easy to use the discount online at the Carnival Cruise website. When on the website you need to find the ‘Cruise for senior citizen’ tab and click to open it. After that just simply select where you want to go and from where, and then select the number of days. After going through the usual booking process you will be brought to ‘Tell about yourself’ where you can find the ‘55+ years older’ checkbox. You just need to check off the box to get the benefit of the discount. Of course, you will need to travel with a legal document showing your age.

3) Celebrity Cruise

Like other cruise companies, Celebrity Cruise also considers a person above the age of 55 eligible for Senior Citizen Discounts. It only requires one qualifying person (of age above 55) in a stateroom to make the entire room eligible for the discount. You can apply for the discount by booking online on the website of the company. When you enter your date of birth, the site will automatically recommend you for Senior Citizen Discount, however, if there are other better offers they will also be shown.

4) Norwegian Cruise Line

The Norwegian Cruise line also offers a senior citizen discount for the same age group. Although, unlike some of the others, the Norwegian Cruise line does not display rates and deals regarding this offer on its website. You need to call a travel agent of the cruise line to benefit from the deal. An experienced travel agent will find you some good deals and help you save some money.

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