‘Righteous Kill’

‘Righteous Kill’ is a much awaited action flick that stars two of the most acclaimed Hollywood stars, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. However despite this splendid star cast, the film fails to deliver an impressive story and the script falls flat.

I watched it for the sheer pleasure of experiencing the great performance of Al Pacino. One expects a lot from this legendary actor after brilliant performances in timeless classics such as ‘Scent of a Woman’. It was truly fulfilling to have watched this super talented actor act as a New York City police detective. I only wished that the script had done him more justice.

One of the main disappointments of this movie is the weak character development. The script fails to expose the deeper nuances of the characters, giving the film a halfhearted feel.

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino play the role of experienced New York police detectives trying to get hold of a smart serial killer. This psychological thriller does not capture that much needed intensity required to make it work.

The film follows the path of this serial killer who leaves behind some hints for De Niro and Pacino to figure out. The victims of the serial murders are all criminals who have somehow come clean with their hideous crimes such as murder and rape. The killer definitely seems to be a ‘moral killer’ on the look out for criminals who have escaped from the grip of the law.

There are a lot of moments in the movie when you would grit your teeth in suspense. However, the effect is not lasting and what you have is a loosely scripted film hanging on to the fame and talent of two Hollywood giants.

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