Rihanna Let’s Slip Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s Wedding Plans in India

During a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, Rihanna told the world that British comedian Russell Brand and singer Katy Perry plan to marry in India at the end of the year. The close friend of Perry will be planning the bachelorette party and she told Seacrest, “I have to come up with something cool because she’s getting married in India, so I’m like ‘Okay, now what do I do to match that,’”

Brand, 34, and Perry, 25, only began their romance last September at the 2009 Video Music Awards in New York City. The two had previously met when Perry played a cameo role in Brand’s upcoming film, “Get Him to the Greek.” A scene in which they kiss has reportedly been cut from US screenings of the film. They reunited at the VMA’s and have been inseparable ever since. Brand and Perry have been travelling extensively, from London to Paris to Thailand. She even introduced him to her parents while in Austria. They two were holidaying in Jaipur on New Year’s Eve, when they welcomed 2010 by sitting atop an elephant and getting engaged.

Perry, who has been juggling work on her new album with wedding plans, recently told MTV News that Brand has the bridezilla gene, not her, “He’s a total bridezilla. He’s like a freak. He’s always buying bride magazines. Every time we go out for breakfast, he’s like, ‘Can we just stop and get a bride magazine,'”

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