Rodent Control – Keeping The Pests From Your Home

Pest Control

Rodents or gnawers are relatively small placental mammals with a single pair of constantly growing incisor teeth utilised for gnawing. Examples of these are mice, rats, guinea pigs, groundhogs, beavers, squirrels, and porcupines. Meanwhile, the most common types of rodents are the roof rat, house mouse, and Norway rat. These animals are destructive to people as they spoil human foods by contaminating them with their urine, faeces, or fur. However, you can avoid their destructive tendencies if you follow some methods for controlling rodents.

The most effective way to control the continuous growth of pests, particularly the rodents, is to use bait or anything capable of killing them. Bait is anything used to lure pests so they can be trapped or killed. There are so many baits you can use to destroy rodents and examples of these are pellets, seeds, and blocks. Some people use rotten foods mixed with poisonous chemicals while others prefer to use traps to kill rodents. A rodent trap is the best and safest way to control rodents. If you use this type of rodent control, you can avoid having odour problems, which may occur if pests are killed by rodenticides (pesticide for rodents) and die in inaccessible areas.

Aside from baiting and trapping of pests, another way to control them is to clean the surroundings. Pests will surely be out of your house’s area if you combine these three effective ways in controlling rodents. Dirty surroundings are the favourite spots of rodents so start cleaning up your area to avoid being disturbed by these pests.

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