Rodents: How To Control The Pests In Your Home

rodents in the kitchen

Rodents are commonly thought of by people as dirty creatures or vermin. Rodents have many different species and are the largest group in the family of mammals. The name “rodent” was chosen for this group of mammals because of their prominent incisor teeth; Rodent means “gnawing animal.” Their two pairs of incisor teeth are used to eat and are used like chisels to bite and chew their food. Their incisor teeth continuously grow because they are constantly worn down because of the way they eat.

Rodents commonly enter houses and are usually called house mice or roof rats. Many rodents are commonly found in attics. People often treat rodents as pests because they often destroy or mess up things in the house, including clothes, slippers, papers and more. Rodents can often be found in kitchens where they enjoy finding food scraps and lurking and hiding in cupboards or in gaps in walls. They are also found in livestock farms or in places with straw and hay which can serve as warm beds for them. Overall, rodents can be found anywhere and they adapt and change according to their environments very well.

Different types of rodents can found in different environments, including Rats, Mice, Hamsters, Squirrels, Chipmunks and Beavers. These different types of rodents often habituate in different places and some species are also kept as pets.

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