Russian Spaniel – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Russian Spaniel originated in Russia during the 1950s. They were bred solely for hunt purposes, using stock from some of the best hunting spaniel breeds. Because of this, the Russian Spaniel is a nearly perfect gundog which excels at many aspects of hunting. For instance, its heightened sense of smell can find prey even in the thickest woods. They are also adept at retrieving. When a hunter shoots its prey, the Russian Spaniel will bound out to retrieve the animal without damaging it with its teeth or becoming possessive over the catch. While their primary purpose was as a hunting and working dog in Russia, they have since become a popular family dog in the United States.

Russian Spaniels are small and lean. They grow to an average height of between 38 and 45 centimetres and tend to weigh between 13 and 16 kilograms. Their coat is soft and wavy on the stomach, tail, legs and ears. They typically have a white coat with black, brown or tan coloured spots and ticking.

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Since they have been used for hunting, Russian Spaniels are very muscular and need a lot of exercise. They are devoted to their family and work well with children. Because of this, they have become a popular companion dog. When they do not get enough exercise, they have been known to overeat and gain weight so an owner must ensure that they give their Russian Spaniel enough daily activity.

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