Ryan Phillipe Says No More Girlfriends with Publicists

Actor Ryan Phillipe has had enough of publicists making his personal life public. When he and former girlfriend Abbie Cornish broke up in February, he was surprised to hear her publicist had already released a statement. “I have a new rule, not to date anyone who has a publicist,” Phillippe said an interview on 12th April on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM radio show. He didn’t appreciate the public statement or the fact that no one hard warned him of its impending release. He told Stern that he’s been a punching bag for the press ever since his seven-year marriage to Reese Witherspoon ended. He noted, “I’ve been dumped on in the press for relationship stuff since Reese [Witherspoon] and I divorced. I’m tired of getting s*** on. I don’t feel like I deserve it. Things happen! How many people have you broken up with over your life,”

Phillippe and Witherspoon are friends again, which makes their joint custody of daughter Ava and son Deacon much easier on everyone involved. They even console each other after break-ups now. He said, “After I had my break-up, she called and after she did, I called,” Phillippe said, in reference to Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal ending their relationship after nearly three years.

Phillippe appears next in the “Saturday Night Live” skit turned movie “MacGruber.” He also has a role in the upcoming “Bang Bang Club,” a drama based on the true-life experiences of four combat photographers capturing the final days of apartheid in South Africa.

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