Safe And Suitable Jobs For School Age Children

In order to have a job whilst you are still at school you must comply with the working regulations for children of school age. These regulations include getting a work permit signed by both the employer and your parents or legal guardian and making sure that you only do the hours deemed suitable for your age group. Age group regulations start from when you turn 13; before that you really shouldn’t be working.

Once you have decided to work, it is vitally important that you are doing a job that is safe and suitable. What this means is that although working in a shop is a safe job for a school age child, this changes if the adult in charge then leaves you on the premises alone. This is no longer suitable or safe. Employers should be aware of these regulations.

Chat with your parents before you take on any job, and make sure they feel happy about you doing that sort of work. Check the list of prohibited jobs on the internet to make sure what you want to do isn’t on there. Talk to the employer and make sure you are happy with what you are being asked to do. The list of prohibited jobs is mostly common sense. However, there are a few that may surprise you so make sure you check – for example no child of school age should be involved in milk delivery.

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