Working Regulations For School Age Children – Work Permits

Working regulations have been brought in to protect school age children who want a part time job. The rules state that no one under 13 should work at all, and those over 13 must comply with certain rules and regulations. The hours that you can work increase as you get older and are designed to make sure that you are still getting the time to do your homework and get enough sleep. This is so that the job does not impact on they quality of your educational experience.

Before you can begin working, the employer must first obtain a work permit for you, and if they choose not to they are breaking the law and could be prosecuted. It is in your interest as well as theirs for this to be done. A work permit must then be signed by your parents or legal guardians and sent into the Education and Leisure Services for approval.

Once approval has been received the permit will be signed by the authority and returned to you. They will also notify the employer that they have authorised you and your work can commence. You still need to be working within the law, so check out the regulations based on your age, for example those aged 15 and 16 can work 8 hours a day on any day that isn’t a school day (Saturdays and Holidays) but NOT on a Sunday, where you can only work 2 hours.

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