Schnauzer (Giant) – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Giant Schnauzer was often called the Russian Bear Giant Schnauzer during the early twentieth century. The name makes it sound like the breed originated in Russia, when that isn’t the case. Rather, the Giant Schnauzer comes from Germany, and is a breed of Schnauzer. Breeders created the Giant Schnauzer by coupling a Standard Schnauzer with other large dog breeds, such as the Great Dane. From these breeding practices, the Giant Schnauzer became a large dog, with a compact frame and strong muscles.

The coat of the Giant Schnauzer is very dense. It consists of a wiry outer coat and a soft undercoat. Most Giant Schnauzer owners keep the dog’s coat short on the body and long on the muzzle. Some consider the Giant Schnauzer breed hypoallergenic because they rarely shed and don’t have much dander. They have a limited number of coat colours. Giant Schnauzers can either be black or grey. They have a large frame. The Giant Schnauzer averages a weight between 32 and 45 kilograms, although their height is between 58 and 70 centimetres. They are lean and aren’t as bulky as other large dog breeds.

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Since the Giant Schnauzer is so large and muscular, it needs a lot of daily exercise. It is important to keep it out of small homes and apartments because these quarters are too small for the health of the dog. Giant Schnauzers are very obedient and caring. They love their owners and are happy to do as they are told.

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