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Setting up a website

Most dog breeders today will have a website of their own as well as registering with reputable dog finder sites and directories. Your website need not be very fancy or have lots of features and there are many sites on the internet giving advice on how to set up your own website. You could also consider paying a web designer to set it up for you. This can work out not too expensive and will give the site a great professional finish. Just make sure that the designer sets you up with the rights to amend and edit the site so that you can update it.

Before you go down either route, you should plan what you want first. Look at other websites and note down which features you like and what doesn’t work for you. Organise your information into meaningful categories, again looking at other sites for inspiration. Possible headings might include; choosing a dog that suits you, choosing a pure breed, characteristics of the breed, the buying process, after sales service and training advice. You should make sure that you include information about yourself, including your address and phone number so that buyers can easily verify you. You also should state your experience in dog breeding and why you breed. Include links to other sites, including reputable dog finder sites and re-homing services.

Keeping the website simple works, as long as you make sure that you update regularly and that your enthusiasm for the breed shines through.