Shop Together

There are lot of fun activities that a mother and a child can do together, like shopping. Whether it is choosing new clothes, window shopping, or finding the treasure in an economy store, shopping together is a buying adventure. When you buy things for your child, you have to consider her preferences. It is better to encourage your child to go with you and shop together. Here are some of the ideas that a mother should consider before shopping.

When your child’s age ranges from two to five years old, bring her to a thrift store and let her help you in picking up groceries and other stuff. Educate her about the various classifications of foods and show her which foods are nutritious.

When your child reach the age of six to 10 years old, basically grade-schoolers, bring her to the grocery store and explain more the differences between healthy foods and those which are empty calories dressed up in fancy packaging. Teach her to help others in need. Every time you go shopping together, remind her to drop a can of food in a box for the needy. You can also spend your weekend together walking around your neighbourhood; who knows what might have just arrived in the store – perhaps something needed around the house or something you can buy as a gift for your daughter’s grandparents.

Teenagers are very picky when they do shopping, especially concerning clothes, so the best thing you can do is bring her to some cosmetic centre so she can practise the proper way of applying make up as well as skin care. Hopefully she will learn how to apply cosmetics in a refined way, rather than overdoing the make-up and looking like a clown.