Susan Boyle Wants to Shed Spinster Status

Singer Susan Boyle, 49, said in a recent TV interview in Australia, “I go on looking. Some day my prince will come. But I have never been in a better place. It’s absolutely brilliant for me right now.” Boyle rose to fame after appearing on Simon Cowell’s show “Britain’s Got Talent” and her debut album, “I Dreamed a Dream,” was the top selling female solo album worldwide in 2009. The Scottish singer made the first move on a fellow churchgoer after hitting the big time, but she said he turned her down because he was too old. Boyle’s adjustment to her late-in-life fame has proven to be a bit rocky. “It takes a wee bit to get used to it. I had to learn to be a bit different, people recognise you in the street,” she said in the interview.

Also, a recent row with her personal assistant and niece, Joanne Crawford, happened in too public a place, an airport in Japan. Boyle reportedly yelled at Crawford after she informed her that their private plane was delayed.

On a brighter note, rapper Snoop Dogg has expressed interest in recording a duet with Boyle. He told The Sun, “She’s a great artist. I’m looking forward to going into the studio with her. Why not, We’re going to get our minds together and figure out what we’re going to sing about. I’m down with that.” Too bad Snoop Dogg isn’t single.

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