Tamaskan Dog – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Tamaskan Dog breed is very new. Two kennels in Finland, the Blustag and Blufawn kennels, started creating the breed in 2002. Over the course of four years, they put together dogs that looked like wolves. These included the Siberian Husky, the Utonagan and the Northern Inuit dog breeds. While most of the breeding efforts occurred in Finland, there were breeders in other parts of the world, including America and the UK that helped create the breed. As of now, no official kennel club has accepted and registered the Tamaskan Dog, but it is only a matter of time before that happens.

The Tamaskan Dog has the distinction of being both a great working dog and a great domestic companion dog. For work, they have multiple abilities. Since they are so agile and obedient, they are often worked during athletic trials in competitions. This will be especially important once Tamaskan Dog is a registered breed in kennel clubs. Tamaskan Dogs also have the ability to pull sleds while in a group. This comes from the breeds that were coupled to make the Tamaskan Dog, as these were hardy in cold weather and strong enough to pull a sled.

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Unlike most other wolf-like dogs, the Tamaskan Dog is very nice toward children and other dogs. This makes them a perfect choice as a family pet. Since they are so social, Tamaskan Dogs like to be around their family as much as possible. They do require outside space in which to exercise and play.

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