Termite Exterminator Treatments

Termite Damage

Let’s talk about termites. Millions of homes across the US have to deal with them year in, year out. They can also end up costing us hundreds of dollars in house repair. If left untreated, the fees might even escalate beyond this. It’s therefore worth getting a potential termite problem well-diagnosed and treated as soon as physically possible. But what are some of the more common termite exterminator treatments?

Chemicals and termiticide

Don’t feel too bad. Termites are a common pest, and unfortunately, the quickest way to deal with nasty infestations is to wipe them out on sight. This isn’t always easy unless you know what to look for. However, a seasoned exterminator will have the right tools and chemicals to make sure that any termite problems you may be experiencing can be thoroughly eradicated.

Chemical treatments and termiticide can be applied either at the source, via nest, or through hole drilling. If you know that you have termite problems in certain wooden fittings, for example, an exterminator will work to drill through and spray toxic chemicals to kill any remaining bugs. Many chemicals and termiticide will be non-repellent, which means that it can be easily rubbed off onto other termites and nests without the bugs knowing to avoid it.

Treating the soil

Many termites come up through soil or mud tunnels. Therefore, it may be worth treating the soil before you treat the wood. Of all termite exterminator treatments, this method is perhaps one of the most preventative. That’s because you are killing the problem at the source.

By digging a small pit or trench, an exterminator will be able to spray or treat the soil area in question with chemicals or termiticide. They will then fill the pit or trench back up, and any termites remaining will die off. This will also work as a great deterrent against the problems reoccurring, as potential future pests will know to stay well away.

Colony baiting

Large termite colonies may need to be baited. Exterminators will set up baiting terminals around your property or problem areas to lure termites and will then exterminate them on sight. This is generally an advisable plan of action to take if you are dealing with large swarms of the creatures, or if other methods are not working as well as expected.

However, it’s not unheard of for some exterminators to use several methods to their attack. Treat the soil, treat the wood, and set bait traps – all work well to remove termites at source.

Safe removal

The above methods are safe removal options that many exterminators use to get rid of recurring termite problems and infestations. Some may use different methods or plans of attack, but these are the most tried-and-tested ways of getting problem critters out of your home.

These non-invasive methods should encourage future pests to stay well away. That’s peace of mind for you, of course – and a lot of money saved too.

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