The Siddha Yoga Practises

The Siddha Yoga is a route for inner discipline and transformation. The practise is instilled with the refinement of a Siddha Yoga Guru. Performing and practising the Siddha Yoga is a way to expand and touch the inner mystical state of self, until over the time it will be normal to feel a sense of oneness together with God.

Each of its practises gives a different taste of the essential nature; the joy and sweetness of chanting or the serenity and heightened awareness, meditation is an example. Every practise develops virtues like love and detachment from selfless serving, and the generosity from offering a dakshina. The continuous contemplation and study of its teachings provides an understanding of the experiences and to inspire one to explore deeper. Every one of us looks for our own exceptional combination of the practises in accordance to the inner wisdom of our own.

The Siddha Yoga mystery is that these are livened up with an awakened energy given by a Siddha Yoga Guru. Through this our self-effort is magnified as we apply ourselves to the practises.

A lot of Siddha Yoga students discovered that by performing the Siddha practises in a community of seekers, at the ashrams, retreats, and meditation centres, their experiences are enhanced as the result of these communal practises.

Through support of the right efforts in these practises, and buoyed by the grace and the good of yoga, a person can continue to go a step closer; step by step, to develop a real spiritual life.

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