Tips in Writing a Short Story

Some people think that short stories are boring to read and that they don’t give the reader enough information. Others say that short stories are not as artistically valuables as novels. However, the truth behind these allegations is that before a writer becomes a professional writer, writing short stories is the first step to their goal.

If you cannot find relatives or friends that are honest enough to tell you their opinion about your story, join a writer’s club. There, you can learn tips and techniques from other writers and get quality comments.

Do your research. For example, if you want to set a story in the 1960s, research the clothing, slang, family dynamics, and many other factors of the period. If you’re having trouble brainstorming, make an outline and create about five main sentences for your short story. It could be helpful to do a “free write,” which is to simply write everything that comes into your mind for a certain time period. If you find it hard to come up with ideas, come back to your story after a few hours.

Amateur writers must also develop their own style. They can begin it by imitating the styles of other writers, but in the end they just need to write voluminously to develop their own style. Amateur writers must also design a format in order to organise their writing for better results. They must always keep in mind all the important elements of the a story, for instance the main characters, supporting characters, enemies, time period, setting, conflict, and plot.

With continuous practise, determination, and a passion for writing, surely we all can become better writers.

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