Toddler Behaviour

Temper tantrums are a common part of the development of children and toddlers. As a mother, you have to understand that during childhood, a child’s mental and motor skills are developed earlier than their ability to communicate. Because their verbal skills are not yet developed, they show frustration by throwing tantrums.

There are several types of toddler behaviour tantrums. The first one is frustration or fatigue tantrums, which are commonly caused by tiredness, hunger, or confusion about a situation they are experiencing. They often release anger and frustration by crying or kicking. The best solution to this situation is to give children food and take them to bed. Help them do the things that may be confusing them and comfort them so they can overcome their frustration. The next type is demanding tantrums, wherein toddlers seek attention by asking for something that is impossible for you to provide right away. In this case, show them that you love them and explain the situation after the tantrum. Avoidance or refusal tantrums usually happen during meals and at bedtime. Tell them in a calm voice that they need to eat and sleep at the right time, but don’t forget to give them a heads-up reminder before they eat or take a nap. A disruptive tantrum is crying or screaming in a public place. Never tolerate children’s bad behaviour; guide and teach them proper conduct, particularly when going out of the house and mingling with other people.

A general method for dealing with different types of tantrums is to understand them, and then explain and teach your child proper behaviour.