Toilet Teaching Your Child

Most parents don’t know when to start potty training their child. A kid’s preparedness for this kind of learning varies with age. Remember that not all children are the same, so always observe your child for signs of preparedness. Most children show signs of being prepared between the ages of 18 to 24 months, but there are some who are ready earlier. The potty process takes 3-6 months before complete learning is absorbed.

In teaching your child to potty train, you should always pay attention to timing. It is suggested to start the process during the summer time. Use light terms to state the steps of utilising the toilet such as pee, potty and poop. Try to identify the behaviour of the child so they can understand to recognise pooping and peeing. Don’t force the child to sit on the toilet against their will. Instead find a potty chair where your kid can rehearse sitting on it.

Demonstrate to your child how and why you are sitting on the toilet. Set up a routine by putting your kid on the potty for a few minutes several times a day also let your child to get up from it whenever she or he wants to. Let your child be seated on the potty for at least 15 minutes every after meal. Reward the child when he goes to the potty by offering some rewards. Support the child even if he is not ready; do not show that you are angry if he fails because your anger will convey a lot of discouragement to the child.

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