Top 10 Best Bond Villains

James Bond is one bad ass but he has to be, he has a lot of bad guys to put down. There have been tons of villains through the years but these are the best of the worst.

10. Red Grant
The only true serial killer in the films. The fight on the train is electrifying.

9. Goldfinger
The only thing he wants from Bond is “I expect you to die” and, of course, gold. He’s a good golf player and interesting man.

8. Ernest Blofeld
That bald head and disgusting scar on his face place him on this list. Plus he was played by three different men but continued to be a worthy adversary.

7. Rosa Klebb
She’s deceiving to the eye, short in stature, small glasses, a seemingly weak woman who is incredibly powerful.

6. Francisco Scaramanga
He resembles Bond in every way; good with the ladies, suave and an excellent shot. A true match for 007.

5. Alec Trevelyan
The 006 agent turned to the dark side. He has all the training 007 has and nothing to lose – and that’s a recipe for disaster.

4. Jaws
Richard Kiel is terrifying. His sheer size alone is enough to send most people running in the other direction.

3. Franz Sanchez
An attractive deadly killing machine that seems to be able to walk through fire unharmed.

2. Max Zorin
Straight up creepy. Christopher Walken is scary and he actually giggles before his death – weird.

1. LaChiffre
Too smart for his own good and those piercing stares are enough to make you pee your pants.