Top 10 Bonding Activities for Mothers and Kids

Bonding activities are done to help mothers and children develop a greater and loving relationship. Though creating a nice bond is hard especially for new mothers, it will be easy if you follow these top 10 simple suggestions on how to bond with your kids.

The first activity is brushing your child’s hair. This involves a sense of touch that will make your child feel that he/she is loved. Next is reading a story together to spend more valuable time with him/her and to increase his/her vocabulary. The third is singing children songs together before going to bed and while tickling your child’s toes. The fourth is doing clapping games and rhymes with your child. However, make sure that you choose the right chants for him/her. The fifth is creating a bed time routine which can include a moment of hugging and kissing, or teaching your child how to pray. The sixth activity is doing a staring contest. Make your child understand that this game requires both of you to keep direct eye contact and that the first to blink or look away is the loser. This way, it will not be difficult for you to develop a close attachment with him/her. The seventh bonding activity is playing hand games such as rock paper scissors and thumb wrestling. Another great way to bond with your child is to paint each other’s fingers and toe nails. Still another fun activity is rocking your child to develop closeness with him/her. The last is through applying lotion on each other’s hands and feet before going to bed.