Top 10 Film Quotes About Marriage

Marriage is a wonderful and sacred bond between two people who love one another and want to spend their lives together, for better and for worse. Hollywood explores the topic of marriage extensively, because it is something most people enter into at one point or another and understand because of their connection to it.

10. ‘It’s sad. Everything they used to love in each other now seems to drive them crazy.’
From ‘Wimbledon’

Crazy but true, this happens often.

9. ‘Marriage is a contract, but to feel love is something else entirely.’
From ‘Broken English’

Love and marriage can be two very different things, but they should coincide.

8. ‘Our marriage is just for show. A commercial for how normal we are when we’re anything but.’
From ‘American Beauty’

This is sadly more common than you might think. It’s a sad charade of how families work in many households.

7. ‘I don’t believe in marriage. I think at worst it’s a hostile political act, a way for small-minded men to keep women in the house and out of the way, wrapped up in the guise of tradition and conservative religious nonsense. At best, it’s a happy delusion – these two people who truly love each other and have no idea how truly miserable they’re about to make each other. But, when two people know that and they decide with eyes wide open to face each other and get married anyway, then I don’t think it’s conservative or delusional. I think it’s radical and courageous and very romantic.’
From ‘Frida’

A very unique and different point of view.

6. ‘Marriages don’t work when one partner is happy and the other is miserable. Marriage is about both people being equally miserable.’
From ‘Forget Paris’

How sad! Of course he’s just a downer and being sarcastic, but it’s funny, no matter what.

5. ‘Love and trust. That’s what makes a marriage great.’
From ‘Frankie and Johnny’

Yeah, finally someone gets it right. This is what makes a marriage last.

4. ‘Young lovers seek perfection. Old lovers learn the art of sewing shreds together and of seeing beauty in a multiplicity of patches.’
From ‘How To Make An American Quilt’

A lovely way to look at how we work with one another to make things right and accept our flaws, differences and imperfections.

3. ‘No man’s born ready for marriage. He has to be trained.’
From ‘Harriet Craig’

I hate to admit it, but this is the truth of all relationships. Men just don’t naturally understand all the rules of marriage, women do or at least they make them.

2. ‘When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.’
From ‘When Harry Met Sally’

You should just go for it and take a leap of faith.

1. ‘The glory of a good marriage don’t come at the beginning. It comes later on.’
From ‘Ride the High Country’

Things do get better with time and become perfect, in a way, as you age.

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